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Nominated by the Transferors/Trustees

Mr John Ferguson

Mr Denzil Cluff

Mrs Lorraine Byers


Nominated by the Education Authority

Mr Richard Harkness (Chairman)

Mr Geoffrey Cathcart


Elected by Parents

Mrs Valerie Kernaghan

Mrs Norma Ferguson

Mr Neville McChesney


Elected by the Teaching Staff

Mrs N Hassard


Honorary Secretary

Mr D Kearney (Principal; Non-voting)


All staff, governors and parents play an invaluable role in the success of this school.
The governors meet regularly, engage with and support school activities and take an interest in the personnel, financial, environmental, policy and curricular business of the school. They are regularly briefed on Safeguarding/Child Protection and related matters and relevant training provided by the Education Authority is availed of. Co-ordinators regularly attend Board of Governor meetings to relay details about aspects of the School Development Plan.