Primary 4/5

Mr Stewart and Mrs Morrison teach our P4/5 class. Mr Stewart usually teaches Tuesday through to Thursday, with our Music Coordinator, Mrs Morrison teaching on Monday and Friday. We believe that children should continue to build on their experiences to date and apply their knowledge and understanding to more real-world situations. The children have also developed more of their own personality and interests, both inside and outside of school and we take this into consideration during the planning process. This means we have each child’s attention as we deliver the core NI Curriculum and beyond to our class. 


On top of thorough class teaching, in the afternoons, the children benefit from teachers with a specialist knowledge in Physical Education, Music, ICT and the area of STEM. We feel that gives greater opportunities for success by having a teacher impassioned in that subject area bringing those lessons to life for the children.   


We are convinced that it is only through presenting a wide range of opportunities for the children that you can truly develop the whole child. It is also the strategy that we believe will spark that fire in the mind of each child as to what their purpose is. 


‘The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.’